Why I care


Being a teacher, I care about education. At the end of the day it is a job but it is a job that I care deeply about. It is a job that makes a difference.

Being a parent I now have another reason to care about education. I know the impact a good school can have on a child’s future and I have worked in a bad school where it can have a devastating impact on the self-esteem of any child.

These are the mains reasons I joined the Labour Party last year: I care wholeheartedly about the future of this country and of the young people who live in it.

Last week I wrote to the Newbury Weekly News.

I wanted to follow it up with this:NWN

Schoolcuts.org.uk, which I mentioned in my letter, is a website run by the NUT and other organisations. Its aim is to highlight the cuts to education.

Do not let Theresa May and the Conservative Party fool you, they may be putting more money it the system but in real terms we face cuts. The more money does not cover the rise in pupils. In real economic terms, the education system in this country is facing drastic cuts. Don’t believe me, a Labour member? Believe the Institute of Fiscal Studies:






Let’s talk about local schools. I have produced the chart below. The first column shows the cut in overall spending that will hit by 2019-22, the second the cut per pupil and the third the members of staff which will need to be made redundant to keep the school anywhere near solvent. The first two mean less resources, less opportunities, and less chance of progress. The third means bigger class sizes. The final column is the amount that the school will GET from Labour under their policy.


I honestly think the numbers do the talking. We can go back and forth on leadership, we can debate the ins and outs of Brexit, we can fight over how low we want immigration to be. The stark reality is that our future, as parents, grandparents, employers, consumers and citizens rely on an educated, motivated future workforce. Future doctors, teachers, train guards, union members, bankers and carers who have gone through an education system that is properly funded and properly staffed. The future now is bleak under the Tories. Labour doesn’t have the answer to everything, but its priority of a National Education System to restore power to our young people is the main reason I am member of the party and proud to vote Labour. I urge you in less than 10 days to put the future of our country, the ones that cannot vote, at the forefront of your decision.

Thanks, as always, for reading my thoughts.



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