Mission Statement

I have been blogging for a number of years in different forms, but I want to start to use it more as part of my professional development as a teacher. About 3 years ago I completed my Masters in Education and wrote extensively for my dissertation about using blogging as a teacher. However, I myself have never used blogging directly linked to my classroom practice even though I do have blogs. A few months ago I set up a second twitter account (@mrdouglasteach) to get more from twitter for teaching and follow a lot of education bloggers. This is my attempt to do both: become more experienced at blogging so that I can discuss it with students, as well as give back with ideas and resources. 

At my current school I wear a number of hats. I have taught English for the 8 years and for 5 years I have also taught Media Studies. Further to that, up until this September I have led Media in the school for about 4 years, introducing Film Studies as a second GCSE. I now hold the role of being Key Stage 4 Coordinator for English as I look to expand my experience. My real passion, however, in teaching is pastoral care and academic monitoring. I was a tutor for 4 years but I am now at the start of my fourth year as Assistant Head of Year, supporting a fantastic Head of Year and year group. 

I think that the internet can offer a lot to teachers; principally a larger network of ideas and support and I aim to be a bigger part of it. 


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