How to be bad SMT

Scenes From The Battleground

Are your school’s results not poor enough? Are your staff too happy? Do your students behave too well? Are there people in school who don’t think you are a complete arsehat? Here’s a short guide for all you office-jockeys and teacher-botherers telling you how to change all that.


How to wreck teaching and learning

1) Judge teaching only by what you think OFSTED want. Don’t feel obliged to tell anyone what that is.

2) Pressure staff to make lessons entertaining and to avoid anything that looks like deliberate prolonged practice.

3) Make observations as divorced from reality as possible, ensuring that nothing that is used in them could ever be used regularly. Requests for differentiated work and to show progress every 20 minutes should achieve this.

4) Turn everything into a checklist of activities, discourage thinking about how learning actually works.

5) Make observations as stressful as possible. Have…

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