Using discussion to improve PEE.

One of my aims for the term has been to delivery poetry analysis in a different manner. With Year 8 War Poetry I wanted to get student to work with the poems without writing much. As a department, led by our Key Stage 3 coordinator, we aimed to assess the first Reading assessment by spoken PEE instead of written responses. All of the lesson I taught throughout the scheme were aimed on discussions and interacting with the text through talk. Yesterday I started my assessments. In groups of four the students discussed the poems with just the texts and a note sheet. The results so far have been fantastic. One group of students all achieved top level 6 with elements of 7. They were able to deduce deep into the texts, reflect on their own response and make clear connections. Obviously this kind of working can’t be done at GCSE for assessments but I am going to use it with Year 10 to help them prepare for their next assessment. 


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