New: Ofsted redefine how they observe

A colleague of mine just tweeted a link to new information on why Ofsted observe lessons (it can be downloaded here

The most interesting thing is the apparent shift in focus from what we all think. This quote sums it up for me:

“I was speaking to a colleague today, one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors. He reminded me it is all about outcomes and that it does work both ways. In a classroom he was in recently, a teacher produced, literally, an all-singing, all-dancing lesson. There was music, comedy, costumes, games, ‘thinking hats’, and all with clear objectives on the whiteboard. He recorded a teaching quality grade of inadequate. Not because of the ‘performance’ on the day but because students’ graffiti-strewn books hadn’t been marked for six months and work was shoddy or incomplete. In contrast, he graded teaching as outstanding in a classroom where students sat reading in silence because of the exceptional quality of students’ work and the teacher’s marking in exercise books. He told both teachers what his conclusions were.”

This hints at a hugely different way we should approach our practice. It seems it is much more back to basics and less about all the wizzy ideas. Worth noting for many reasons.


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