My reading Easter

I am an English teacher. I should read. But I have to hold my hands up and say that I don’t, at least not enough. Of all of my friends, especially the male ones (I’m not being sexist, we know men don’t read as much and boys don’t either in school) I probably read quite a bit but recently I have hit an all time low. I started reading George R. R. Martin’s second A Song of Fire and Ice book, A Clash of Kings, (known as Game of Thrones for the TV series) in the summer holiday, by the end of the first weekend of the Easter holidays I had finished it. That’s 7 or maybe 8 months to finish a novel. Now, it’s pretty hefty, nearly 800 pages and pretty dense but still, for an English teacher, that’s rubbish.

I’ve had my reasons, mostly one: his name is Charlie and he was born on Christmas Eve. I suppose I don’t really have an excuse from September until December, but from his birth onwards I have been pretty tired. Tired enough that every non Charlie minute has probably been spent sleeping. But I can find other excuses: TV, probably my second cultural love alongside film. It is much easier, when tired, to put on the idiot box than it is to read. But this Easter things have changed.

Firstly, I made myself read, I had to finish the books and I did. Secondly, we went away for a week and travelling meant I couldn’t take the TV with me, that’s what my wife said anyway. Thirdly, some ***** stole my phone while we were away, meaning that I literally couldn’t find any other distraction and had to read.

So, since finishing The Clash of Kings, I have also read Mo Farah’s autobiography and am nearly finished on Police by Jo Nesbo. I do love reading and I am glad I found the time.


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