Why we do it

One of the best moments on my teaching career happened today, it last a minute but it made a lot of what I do worthwhile.

I am leaving my current school, where I have been for 8 years, at the end of this term (I will blog about that at a later date). Today I announced it to my class and the news traveled fast. At the change over between period 1 and 2 a boy in my year group (I am assistant head of year 10) said he needed to talk to me. I am used to such moments and usually means somewhere needs support. I told him to tell his teacher he would be late to class and to come up to the office.

The reason he wanted to speak to me was because he had heard I was leaving. He wanted to tell me he was sad about the news and that when I taught him in Year 8 our lessons had been some of the happiest and most enjoyable he had had at the school. He is a very intelligent young man but has had some issues in his life that have stopped him from always working at his best. In Year 7 and 8 I had seen him as potential head boy material but sometimes life gets in the way. Since he has been an example of a boy going off the rails and we always wondered how far he would push it. Today was so poignant for me, not just because it was nice to hear but because I knew he was going to be ok.


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