Reflective Practice

I am about to run the penultimate session of a project I have been help run this year. The Head of Science and I have been working with some RQTs to help them further their practice and develop how they reflect on their teaching. Throughout the year, each has taken on an academic research project of their own design which will hopefully inform and impact on how they deliver ideas in the classroom. They have been working on quite a simple model of research-implement-reflect and through it I have taken so much away for my own teaching by seeing the ideas of the different teachers.


I have myself been completing a similar project for the Middle Leaders course I have been attending all year (I hope to upload some of my work at the end of it) and both projects have got me thinking about the power of giving teachers time to do such work. Neither the RQTs or I have been given extra time, we have all chosen to do it to aid our professional development, but it would have so much impact to get all teachers to do the same thing with the incentive of time to do so. Ultimately, it’s never going to happen but I think it is always worth looking at how were develop our CPD programmes.