The week that was: 10th February.

The last day in half term is always tiring. We had INSET and moderation today, which although always helpful, was mind destroying. It was good to get to the end of the term, it was a short one for me, with paternity leave at the start, but still hard work. We are now half way through the year and hurtling towards the summer term. 

Most of my classes were either doing assessments this week or preparing for them. I did, however, try a couple of activities outside of normal teaching. With Year 11 Film Studies I wanted them to learn about Propp’s Character Types and match the 8 names with the definitions to then think of examples. Instead of a standard matching activity, I had the names pinned up on one side of the room and the definitions on the other side. This meant they had to leave their seats to make notes and collect the information. It also meant that they couldn’t let others on their tables do the activity, they all had to. 

The other activity I liked was very similar. I wanted to teach my Year 10s about the context of Macbeth and why Shakespeare re-wrote history in the way he did. Around the room I had the key facts (some of them hidden), they had to collect them without travelling with their pens and paper, and then make connections. Again, getting them out of their seats worked really well. Active learning is always fun. 

Otherwise this week went ok. I learnt that my school has been voted by Tatler as “one of the best state schools in the country”. One parent was quoted as saying we “had the ethos of a private school”. I’m not sure how my socialist ideas fit with this, but school pride is always good. Now it’s half term and time to be a full time parent again.

Have a great week.